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Learn How I Built a Massive Website with Millions of Visitors

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seo strategy course learning objectives

SEO Process

Learn the SEO process from start to finish including keyword research, content creation, optimization, domain authority, backlinks, and more!

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Keyword Research

Uncover the best topics and opportunities to build massive traffic

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Unlock the Power of SEO

Proven strategies and techniques that will help you...

  • Create Incredible Content

    Learn to use the most powerful tools and techniques to find the best keywords, create the best content, and beat the competition

  • Build Valuable Backlinks

    Learn proven techniques to build high-quality, valuable backlinks and build your site's domain authority and domain rating

  • Rank on Google

    Learn how to rank on the first page of Goole and drive massive volumes of traffic to your site

SEO Strategies Course Learning Objectives

This complete and comprehensive course will teach you the strategies and tactics that helped me build a website with 10 million monthly visitors. Here's what you'll learn by the end of the course...

  • Proven techniques that helped me build a website with 10 million monthly visitors from organic traffic sources

  • Learn how to research and write incredible content that will win against the competition

  • Become a master of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO

  • Learn about site architecture and the optimal way to setup your website

  • Learn how to quickly write high quality articles and how to hire people to scale up your operation

  • How to use powerful tools such as WordPress, Wix, ahrefs, SEMrush, Yoast, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, Google Search Consoler, and much more!

SEO Strategies & Tactics Curriculum

How I Built a Site with 10 Million Monthly Users

    1. SEO strategies course intro

    2. SEO course learning objectives in person video

    3. First principles of SEO

    4. How search results are ranked

    5. SEO process lifecycle diagram

    6. Google's mission

    7. My first principles of SEO

    1. Content creation learning objectives

    2. Content creation process lifecycle diagram

    3. Examples of great content

    4. Example of not great content

    5. Keyword research - ahrefs keywords explorer

    6. Keyword research - ahrefs site explorer

    7. Keyword research - ahrefs top pages

    8. Keyword research - ahrefs export and excel analysis

    9. Article writing - creating an outline

    10. Article writing - creating a custom diagram

    11. Article writing - formatting uploading an article

    12. Outsourcing writers and hiring support roles

    1. Domain authority and domain rating overview

    2. Backlinks and domain authority learning objectives in person

    3. Backlink factors overview

    4. Backlink building strategies

    5. Getting backlink ideas from competitors in ahrefs

    6. Backlink anchor text

    7. Backlink building strategies that work (8 strategies)

    8. Backlink management with

    1. Site architecture learning objectives

    2. Site architecture folder structure example

    3. Folder structure vs flat structure

    4. Url structure example

    5. The importance of internal linking

    6. Header and footer navigation

    7. Breadcrumb trails

    8. Using tags

    9. Site search and results

    1. Optimization learning objectives

    2. On-page vs off-page vs technical SEO

    3. On-page SEO ranking factors

    4. Off-page SEO ranking factors

    5. Technical SEO ranking factors

    6. Off-page optimization example with ahrefs

    7. Backlink analysis in excel

    8. Fixing a 404 error example in WordPress

    9. Page speed analysis example

    1. SEO tools learning objectives

    2. SEO tools universe

    3. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace

    4. ahrefs

    5. SEMrush

    6. Screaming Frog

    7. Majestic

    8. Moz

    9. Yoast

    10. AnswerThePublic

    11. Growbots

    12. Google Analytics and Search Console

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 62 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • 5 Downloadable templates
  • Certification and certificate
  • Lifetime access to the course and all contents

Meet Your Instructor

Tim started and built a website from scratch to 10 million monthly visitors

Tim has been a professional online instructor for over 7 years and educated over 1 million students. He founded Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), which he grew to have over 10 million monthly visitors and raised over $50 million of funding along the way. Tim also founded his own investment firm, a financial consulting firm, and received the Top 40 Under Forty award. Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Tim worked in investment banking and corporate development at both public and private companies.

Tim Vipond


SEO Strategies & Tactics Course

Why Take This Course

Learn how I built a massive website with more than 10 million monthly visitors from scratch. With very little money required, I was able to build a massive site, following these tricks of the trade and SEO strategies.